Mock Candidates

Sally Salmon

Occupation: Dietician
Occupational Background: Food Service and Complexion Health
Educational Background: Nutritional Science, MS, Health Living Institute
Prior Government Experience: Served on the Nutritional Balance Oversight Committee.
Platform: I believe in migration. We need to bring everyone together regardless if they are freshwater or saltwater proponents. I’m adaptable and can survive in any environment.

Santiago Sturgeon

Occupation: Caviar Production Manager
Occupational Background: River Silt Excavator
Educational Background: Business Degree, North Pacific Community College
Prior Government Experience: None
Platform: I support small businesses. We need to explore the depths of our collective imaginations to find solutions that make needed reforms, else we may end up no more than fossils on the river bottom.

Frieda Tree Frog

Occupation: Canopy Zipline Manager
Occupational Background: Tree Trimmer, Land Use Scout
Educational Background: GED and Adventure Park Certification
Prior Government Experience: High Profile Sit-in Demonstrations
Platform: I won’t camouflage who I am. I want to challenge our community to reach new heights. We need to upend conventional wisdom to help our County rise above and see through the forest.

Olivia Otter

Occupation: Accountant, Mussel’s Stone Tool Distribution, Inc.
Occupational Background: Inventory Specialist and Bookkeeper
Educational Background: On the Job Training
Prior Government Experience: Mayor’s Female Empowerment Advisory Council.
Platform: As your Commissioner, I will set the standard for public accounting and reconcile our finances so they are not imperiled. I have the tools to break open our future.

Bill Beaver

Occupation: Owner, Lodge and Dam Builders, LLC
Occupational Background: Dam Maintenance and Under Water Technology Consulting
Educational Background: Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, Colony University
Prior Government Experience: River Authority Conservation and Construction Safety Council
Platform: As an engineer, I take the time to do it right and I do it with precision. I have a calibrated blend of business skills and expertise that will help us build our community.