Important Dates

Community Events

  • Benton County Fair and Rodeo: August 3 – 6
  • Fall Festival: September 24 & 25

Forums & Meeting

  • Please contact us if you wish to invite us to a meeting for your organization. 

Candidates & Measures

Last Day to Publish District Board Notice: July 30

Last Day for County, City or District Governing Body to File Ballot Title or Request to Draft Ballot Title for Publication with Local Elections Official: August 19

Last Day for a County, City or District Candidate to file with Local Elections Official: August 30

  • a declaration of candidacy and required filing fee or
  • a verified nominating petition containing 100% of the required number of signatures

Last Day to file a statement for inclusion in county voters’ pamphlet: September 1

Last day for candidate, other than district candidate, to withdraw: September 2

Candidate statements, filed with the County Clerk, available for public inspection: September 7

Last Day for Local Governing Body to File a Measure: September 8

Form SEL 801 Notice of Measure Election – County

Last Day to file measure arguments for county voters’ pamphlet: September 12

Ballot Mailing and Conduct of Elections

  • Last day to mail ballots to military/overseas voters: September 24
  • First day to mail ballots to out of state voters: October 10
  • Last day to register to vote: October 18
  • First day to mail ballots: October 19
  • Last day to mail ballots to voters without daily mail service: October 21
  • Last day to mail ballots: October 25
  • Last day to mail absentee/replacement ballots to voter: November 3
  • First day ballots must be picked up by voter in-person: November 3, after daily mail sent.
  • Recommended Last Day to mail ballot back to the Elections Office: November 7, returned ballot mail must be postmarked by Election Day
  • Election Day, 8pm deadline to drop ballot at an Official Oregon Ballot Drop Box: November 8