Important Dates

Ranked Choice Voting was approved by Benton County Voters in November 2016 through passage of ballot measure 2-100. Ranked Choice Voting is only used when a minimum of three candidates are nominated for the General Election, for the office of Benton County Commissioner.  Ranked Choice Voting will first be implemented during the November 2020 General Election, if needed.

RCV Outreach:

  • Benton County Fair and Rodeo: July 29 – August 1 CANCELLED
  • Fall Festival: September 26 & 27 – ?

Online Forums & Meetings:

  • Please contact us if you wish to add a Ranked Choice Voting education element to your online meeting. 

Candidates & Measures

Last Day to Publish District Board Notice: July 16

Last Day for a County, City or District Candidate to file with Local Elections Official: August 25

  • a declaration of candidacy and required filing fee or
  • a verified nominating petition containing 100% of the required number of signatures

Last Day to file a statement for inclusion in county voters’ pamphlet: August 27

Last Day to file statement if the candidate files candidacy with governing body other than county clerk: September 8

Last Day for Local Governing Body to File a Measure: September 3

Form SEL 801 Notice of Measure Election – County

Last Day to File Measure Argument: September 8

Arguments for inclusion in county voters’ pamphlet

Ballot Mailing and Conduct of Elections

  • Last day to mail ballots to military/overseas voters: September 19
  • First day to mail ballots to out of state voters: October 5
  • Last day to register to vote: October 13
  • First day to mail ballots: October 14
  • Last day to mail ballots to voters without daily mail service: October 16
  • Last day to mail ballots: October 20
  • Last voter should return ballot by mail: October 27
  • First day voters should use only ballot drop sites to return ballots: October 28
  • Last day to mail absentee/replacement ballots to voter: October 29
  • First day ballots must be picked up by voter in-person: October 30
  • Election Day, 8pm deadline to drop ballot at an official Oregon drop box: November 3