How are ranked choice ballots counted?

To win a ranked choice election, a candidate must receive 50%, plus one vote of total votes cast for that office.

After all the votes are in on Election Day, counters will tally first choice votes. If no candidate wins by receiving 50%+1 majority of the total first choice votes cast, the candidate with the lowest number of first choice votes is eliminated, and the second choice candidate votes on those ballots are tallied accordingly. Votes are recalculated, and if one candidate achieves a 50%+1 majority, they are declared the winner. If not, we repeat the process. The candidate in last-place is eliminated and the next choice candidate votes on those ballots are tallied. If the next choice on those ballots has already been eliminated, the subsequent choice is counted, and so on until the ballot is exhausted or a winner has been determined. Votes are recalculated, and the process is repeated until one candidate reaches a 50%+1 majority and is declared the winner.